Roman Fletcher is a Military Commander who invaded Ebott and took the town -and later rest of the country- over, killing the Royal Family in the process. He is a Descendant of the original INTEGRITY, as well as one of the Acolytes.


Roman has a tan skin, blue eyes and short dark brown heroes. He wears a leater jacket and hat, along with light tan pants, long leather boots, greyish brown gloves and dark brown shirt. He also has a blue scarf.


Roman has been shown to be ruthless person, invading the Ebott without warning and taking the country for himself. He is not afraid to use any means necessary to gain more power, going to such lengths as having his scientists build SOUL Extractor to remove and store Human Souls.


Abilities & Powers

  • Marksman : Roman has shown to be skilled with his sidearm, Jericho 941.
  • Martial Arts : Roman has gone through intense military training, and has become skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Energy Blast : Roman is capable to generate powerful waves of blue energy, varying from small blasts to energy wave.


  • Jericho 941 : Sidearm Roman uses.