Papyrus is member of the Royal Guard, younger brother of Sans and youngest son of W.D. Gaster. He has been tasked with duty to keep eye out for the Fallen Humans inside the Ruins by the Royal Family, and was first monster Trench and Frisk met.


Patrol!Papyrus looks lot similar to his original counterpart, being really tall skeleton, but wears metal armor and has a red cape rather than scarf. He also wears pair of leather boots.


Papyrus is really trusting, and takes his job seriously. While he does get bit annoyed by Sans' and Gasters puns sometimes, he does care about his family a lot, and became member of the Royal Guard so he could protect them.

Papyrus has really good heart, and he does his best to avoid causing lethal amounts of damage to his opponents - Expect to the Shadows.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Weapon User : Thanks to Undyne's training, Papyrus is skilled in wielding weapons in fighting, usually using his bones as clubs. He is more physically fit than his brother or father, making him better in close quaters combat.


  • Bone Magic : Papyrus can conjure magical bones to attack his opponents with.
  • Blue Magic : Compared to Sans, Papyrus is not as skilled when it comes to Blue Magic, but he can still use it to slow down his opponents.


  • Bone Rod : Papyrus' main weapon - Basically just a really long bone he uses as a club. He can conjure it whenever he needs to, and change its size. He can also - when needed, to create more of them.